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The Pillars of a Successful Loyalty Program

Do you want to raise your profit margin while simultaneously getting to know your valued customers better? Creating a loyalty program can accomplish both of these goals. Thanks to today’s point-of-sale solutions, keeping the program going once you get it up and running is just a matter of a few clicks and some regular maintenance. […]

6 Ways to Access Emergency Funds for Your Business 

As a business owner, days, months and even years can go by without the need to access emergency funds to keep your enterprise afloat. However, the time will inevitably come when circumstances require that you dip into a pot of cash that you do not readily have on hand. By knowing your options and planning […]

Is Your Company Losing Money? Find Out How You Can Fix It

Is money flowing out of your small business a lot faster than it is coming in? With stiff competition, increased staff costs and constantly rising expenses of products and services, it’s no wonder you’re struggling. Fortunately, there are some concrete steps you can take right away to stop the bleeding and get back on the […]

3 Ways to Make Mobile Payments More Enticing to Your Customers

You would think that customers would be flocking to embrace mobile payments. In spite of their apparent advantages, many buyers staunchly resist the appeal. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to get your NFC-enabled payment terminal humming with activity. Why It’s Important In a nutshell, increasing customers’ mobile payments is good for business. […]

Don’t Make These Same Mistakes with Your POS System

Your point-of-sale solution is a vital part of your company. It enables you to perform payment transactions, streamlines and automates your business, helps you market yourself and create ultra-useful reports. Enhance its benefits by protecting yourself against making common mistakes that can dull your POS system’s effectiveness. Making a Rash Decision One of the worst […]

How Phishing Scams Work and How They Can Affect Your Business

Various types of fraud and data breaches have taken the lead role in the headlines for several years now. Even so, the phenomenon of phishing scams is not as well known as are some of its other criminal counterparts. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand how phishing scams operate and how your business can be […]

E-Commerce Cart Check Up: Reasons You’re Losing Online Sales

With every passing year, more people are utilizing the internet to research and buy products. Almost three-quarters of all U.S. consumers go online to find the best prices, and more of these people are ultimately buying products online, using their desktop, and, at a growing rate, their smartphone. Unfortunately for some ecommerce sites, 70 percent […]

Why It’s Never Too Early to Prepare for Black Friday

Memories of the summer sun beating down as you sat in your beach chair might still be fresh, but the reality is that the holiday season is just around the corner. Taking time now to set the stage for Black Friday is a decision you will never regret. Keep Up With Your Competition One of […]

What You Need to Know About Sales Tax for Your Ecommerce Business

Forty-five U.S. states as well as the District of Columbia levy sales tax; only New Hampshire, Oregon, Delaware, Alaska and Montana are sales tax free. If you have an e-commerce business in a state that levies sales tax, you are legally required to charge sales tax to your online customers. That makes learning the ins […]

Added Security Measures for Your Mobile Business

The age of cloud computing and the internet is here to stay. That’s good news for you as a business owner because these innovations have the potential to maximize your efficiency and cost effectiveness while helping you get a head start against your competitors. However, if you don’t have strong security measures in place, the […]

A Step by Step Guide to Using the Verifone VX520 to Run Everyday Transactions

Customers expect their favorite merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards and near-field communication (NFC) payments. Investing in a reliable credit card reader allows you to compete in the modern marketplace by increasing the accessibility of your products and services. The VX520 by Verifone provides an easy-to-use platform your business can rely on to offer […]

Trends in Credit Card Processing: Pay by Sound Could Become a Reality

Consumers are already becoming accustomed to the power of sound as they interact with machines. Smartphones come preloaded with digital assistants that answer questions and otherwise do the user’s bidding, and now home-based devices such as Amazon’s Echo help you shop, play games and look up information. It should come as no surprise that sound […]

The Most Common Functions (and How to Process Them) on the Ingenico ICT220

Taking credit card payments at your small business doesn’t require a pricey investment in new equipment. All you need is a reliable card reader to integrate with your current POS system. The iCT220 from Ingenico is a simple, compact unit you can use with a dial-up or high-speed internet connection. It only takes a few […]

Steps to Choosing and Setting Up Your POS System

If you choose it well, your point-of-sale (POS) system can become an invaluable tool. Think of it as the Swiss army knife in your arsenal, always there in many capacities to make your life easier and to contribute to your commercial success as well as to the satisfaction of your customers. What Is a POS […]

Why Your Small Business Isn’t Immune to Data Breaches

The duties of an entrepreneur are seemingly nonstop. Even so, you surely have heard about the virtually endless stream of credit card fraud and other types of data breaches that are plaguing many well-known U.S. companies. Although these stories may seem far removed from you and your little enterprise, think again. Why Your Business is […]

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