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The Difference Between Online and Offline Payment Processing

When and how you get paid for your products and services is one of your most crucial considerations as a business owner. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences between getting your payments processed over the internet via your e-commerce site vs. offline in your brick-and-mortar store. Common Considerations for Brick-and-Mortar Processing When it’s […]

Will Online Reviews Boost Sales for Your Business?

Regardless of what kind of business you own, the recommendations of satisfied customers are a commodity more valuable than gold. Whether you prepare taxes or take photographs, whether you sell food or handicrafts, getting the good word out about your business must be one of your top priorities. Of all the ways to make this […]

10 Cashier Training Tips You Need to Know (and Implement)

The staff who operate your cash registers are on the front lines of your battle for success. More than anyone else, a well-trained cashier can make or break a customer’s experience in your store. Learn the top tips for optimal training, and you and your patrons will see positive results. More Efficient Checkouts When payments […]

The Difference Between Swiping a Card and Keying in the Transaction

Even the most inexperienced entrepreneur soon learns that there are many aspects of payment processing companies and their associated fees that are confusing. Even the method by which the credit card information is communicated to the financial institution makes a difference. Believe it or not, whether your customer swipes their card or you key in […]

What It Could Be Costing You When Your Customers Swipe Their Chip Cards

Today’s EMV chip cards still give a bow to the past by containing the old-school magnetic strip that allows customers to swipe the card as they always have. By circumventing the more lengthy “dipping” process that was introduced when these cards came to the fore, customers are bringing unintended consequences upon themselves and the merchant […]

5 POS Reports to Help Compare Business Performance

Whether you own a busy restaurant or a popular retail establishment, you can learn a great deal from the robust features found in your point-of-sale system. Not just a way to accept customer payments anymore, your POS can be your partner and guide as you assess strengths and weaknesses, keep up on inventory, and encourage […]

How Will You Know It’s Time to Launch Your Business Online?

You’ve worked hard to establish your company as a fixture in the community. Your brick-and-mortar store enjoys a decent amount of traffic, but you feel you could be doing more to reach a wider audience. Is it time to add e-commerce to your selling strategy? Starting an online branch of your business has the potential […]

Why Are Mobile Payments Still a Novelty and Not the Norm?

They’re fast, they’re secure and the public loves them. So why haven’t Near Field Communication (NFC) payments on credit card terminals been enthusiastically embraced by America’s small businesses? The answers might surprise you. Fear of Technology Let’s face it: Running a small business is a full-time job. Learning to accept a new payment method can […]

Keeping Your Restaurant or Retail Business Safe from Hackers

When hackers plunder a business’s internal payment processing systems, the consequences can be catastrophic. The casualties often include the private credit card data of numerous customers, sensitive employee information, and the hacked company’s reputation and bottom line. While no measures can provide foolproof protection against data breaches, fraud and other criminal behavior, there are definitive […]

Retail Management System: The New Term for POS

It’s no secret that technology is evolving at an astounding rate. Along with it are the words we use to describe our devices. A case in point is the old-school term “point-of-sale (POS)” which is quickly being replaced by the new moniker “retail management system (RMS).” Not Change for Change’s Sake You might be thinking […]

The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Process

Attracting customers to your business involves impressing them from the moment they walk in the door. When they are greeted by friendly staff and are shown high-quality products that are destined to meet their needs, they are very likely to purchase goods in your store. But if you think your charm offensive stops there, you […]

Tips for Detecting Fraud When Accepting Online Payments

Congratulations on deciding to enter the exciting and potentially lucrative world of e-commerce. Like any undertaking, it can be fun and interesting while simultaneously presenting the potential for risk. Learn how to spot the signs of online fraud before it happens, and you can maximize your chances of success. Monitor Billing and Shipping Addresses When […]

What Are You Legally Required to Do to Run a Mobile Business?

If you are planning to start your own mobile business, you may have already gathered the equipment that you need. This could include a truck, signage, food preparation equipment and a portable card reader for taking payments. Before you can start, however, it is important that you make certain to comply with the legal requirements […]

Are Merchant Account Fees Tax Deductible?

One of your most important priorities as an entrepreneur is making sure to take every deduction to which you are entitled. While many are quite apparent, there may be one deduction you have never considered. It has to do with your credit and debit card processing merchant account. It Pays to Think About Swipe Fees […]

What’s Keeping You From Accepting Credit Card Payments?

Store and restaurant customers pay with credit cards more frequently each year. Nonetheless, at least two out of every five small businesses don’t accept them. Owners have various pretexts for avoiding this payment option, but many of these reasons are unfounded and don’t hold true. Complexity The decision to accept credit cards could complicate the […]

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