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Can You Use Google Assistant to Make Payments by Voice?

Not so long ago, you needed to be a wealthy business mogul in order to afford to hire an assistant. Thanks to the artificial intelligence that is becoming a part of everyday life for rich and poor alike, you don’t need to be a corporate jet-setter to make those mundane tasks in your life flow […]

How to Manage Multiple or Recurring Payments to Your Project-based Business

When you set up the structure of your business, you needed to decide how it would be organized. It may have come down to issues of hierarchy and how your various departments or employees worked with each other. In the end, one of your prime considerations probably was the nature of the work your company […]

How Your Non-Profit Can Accept Donations Online

Your non-profit might not be in the business of making money for its shareholders like a private sector corporation, but it still needs funds. Without capital, your organization cannot accomplish its mission, and it cannot pay the staff members who work so hard to achieve its goals. That’s why it’s important to make it easy […]

Five Ways Merchants Can Make Back-to-School Shopping Easier

With the exception of the holiday season, many merchants find that their sales are the highest just before school starts. Of course, that is particularly true if you sell products geared to kids and teens. While it is young consumers who will have very definite opinions about what they like, it is their parents who […]

Should Your Business Accept NFC (Tap and Pay) Transactions?

Ecommerce businesses are not the only ones that accept credit cards without needing to physically swipe a card. In more and more brick-and-mortar stores, customers use their digital wallet-equipped smartphones to tap near field communications (NFC) readers. These purchases have their pros and cons, which should be reviewed before you decide if accepting NFC transactions […]

The Difference Between a Chargeback and a Refund and How to Avoid Both

If you don’t own a business or have never accepted credit cards from your customers, you might be under the impression that refunds and chargebacks are just two different words to describe the same phenomenon that occurs when a merchant takes money out of their account and returns it to the customer. In reality, the […]

What You Need to Know about Using PayPal for Your Business

If you plan to sell any of your products or services via the Internet or mobile device, you need to decide upon a way to accept customers’ card payments while remaining protected from fraudulent or unauthorized access to your account. PayPal is one of the most popular options, and it satisfies both of these criteria. […]

Solving Payment Processing Issues When You Run a Multi-Location Franchise

The credit card payment process is deceptively simple. It’s all too easy to become complacent, assuming that your merchant account provider, the banks and credit card companies have everything down to a perfect science. While the vast majority of your payments will go through without a hitch, it’s the few that don’t that can cause […]

How to Make the Most Out of a Trade Show or Convention Booth

Trade shows are a terrific way for you to expand the scope of your business, attract new clients and sell your products in a whole new way. Nevertheless, it can be quite intimidating when you get to the show floor and see all of your flashy competition. Coming up with ways to set your booth […]

Five Things to Consider Before Opening a Franchise Business

If the idea of being your own boss and selling products or services you are passionate about excites you, one way to jump-start your dream is by opening a franchise business. What makes a franchise even more appealing is that, in many cases, much of the marketing work has already been done for you. However, […]

Will Credit Cards and Online Shopping Kill Cash?

Once upon a time, shopping was pretty simple. While people may have ordered items from a catalog once in a while, most of their shopping took place in a brick-and-mortar store where they paid for purchases with cash or check. With the rise of credit and debit cards, ecommerce, online payments, digital wallets and peer-to-peer […]

Merchant Account vs. Payment Gateway Explained

When you move to a new city, one of your first tasks is to scope out the neighborhood in order to understand the lay of the land, the culture and what resources are available to you as a resident. When you’re an entrepreneur setting up a new ecommerce store, you will encounter a similar challenge. […]

How Downsizing Can Actually Save Your Brick & Mortar Retail Store

While the climate of brick-and-mortar retail stores might appear dismal given the continuing collapse of major chains (such as Toys R Us and Sears), the fact is that stores and businesses continue to be opened every day. However, the future of retail seems clearly dependent on retailers forging a new business model that includes an […]

The Benefits of Mobile Payment Processing

In the past decade, a steadily increasing number of retailers both large and small have adopted mobile point of sale systems. Their decision to evolve in this way is based on the fact that mPOS systems can benefit merchants in several ways. Because of the flexibility of mPOS solutions, payments can be accepted anywhere – […]

How to Attract Millennial Shoppers to Your Business

There are plenty of good reasons to want to entice Millennial shoppers into your physical store. Perhaps the most compelling of these is that this demographic represents the future for continued spending, which is of great importance to you as a business owner. The issue is how to get these busy, tech-savvy potential customers to […]

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