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How Americans Use Credit Cards

The prevalence of credit cards in today’s society may seem jaw-dropping at first. Given the roller coaster fluctuations our economy has experienced since 2008, it seems strange on the surface that so many people are using plastic to cover their expenses and make their impulse purchases. That being said, our relationship with cold, hard cash […]

The Advantages of Using Your Mobile POS on a Tablet vs. Your Smartphone

In recent years, businesses both small and large have begun to embrace mobile point-of-sale systems. After seeing the many advantages they bring as compared to the old-school stationary models, switching to these cutting-edge solutions has been a no-brainer for many retailers. Today, an increasing number of sellers are discovering that using tablets vs. smartphones for […]

Which Credit Cards Should Your Business Accept?

These days, accepting some types of credit cards is a virtual necessity for most businesses. The question is, should you take all cards or only some. As you might imagine, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The Advantages of Universality In the best of all worlds, your business should accept all sorts of cards, including Discover, […]

6 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Salon

Most hair and nail salons have an established customer base. These are the people who reliably turn to your shop again and again for the services they need. But if you want to take your establishment to the next level, it’s also important to find ways to increase your walk-in traffic. Amenities Because you are […]

The Dangers of DIY Credit Card Processing

From e-commerce shops to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, small businesses need the ability to accept credit cards to compete in the modern market. Opening a merchant account was the only way to do this in the past, but smartphone card readers and other alternative platforms are making “do it yourself” (DIY) processing more popular. Are these […]

Is Your “Free” Point of Sale System Really Free?

You have probably heard the old adage that “there is no such thing as a free lunch.” It’s just another way of saying that you usually get what you pay for. Not surprisingly, the saying can hold true when it comes to the point of sale systems (POS) that you use in your business, particularly […]

Tips to Avoid a Tax Audit and What to Do if One Happens to You

Audit. It might be the most intimidating five-letter word in the English language. Just the thought of the IRS painstakingly combing through your records and receipts is enough to scare many small business owners into a state of paralysis. Fortunately, there are things you can do to both avoid getting audited in the first place […]

Reasons Your Credit Card Processor Is Holding on to Your Money

As an entrepreneur, there are times when virtually every penny counts. When your credit card processor puts a hold on your funds, it can shake your company to its very foundations. What are some of the reasons why processing companies may do this? Processing companies act in the middle between you and your bank. When […]

How E-Wallets Work

In today’s digital world, E-wallets are quickly gaining prominence and becoming customers’ preferred method of payment. That’s because they are cutting-edge, secure and easy to use. Incorporating E-wallets into your business model may well be one of the best things you could do to enhance your company and make your customers happy. Advantages of E-Wallets […]

Latest Credit Card News: No Signature Required

Anyone who has worked behind a cash register knows that many customers paying by credit card do not give much attention to the signature they write on the screen or receipt slip; sometimes it isn’t even legible. You may have thought that the whole process of signing after a card purchase should be a thing […]

Would a Third-Party Delivery Company Be Good for Your Restaurant?

In an era when convenience is king, it’s no wonder that third-party delivery services such as Grubhub and UberEats have gained such popularity. For consumers, they provide an ever-broadening range of eating choices delivered right to their door. However, restaurant owners should carefully look at the pros and cons of these services since they can […]

Providing Your Customers Both Online and In-Store Shopping Experiences

Often, businesses focus their customer experience to either online or in-store shopping. These days, you can set yourself up for success by giving your customers the ability to get the products they want both at your brick-and-mortar facility and online. The Advantages of On-Site and Online Shopping Traditionally, shoppers have enjoyed the experience of seeing […]

How to Create a Successful Pop-Up Shop with the Help of a Virtual POS

Pop-up shops: They cost relatively little to start, and they can be the ideal vehicle for spreading the word about your brand. Whether you’re looking for a new revenue stream, want to give your online customers a way to see and touch your wares, or wish to test the viability of a product before you […]

First There Were Skimmers, Now Shimmers Are the New Threat

You have probably heard of skimming, a nefarious technology that criminals employed to obtain sensitive credit card information for the purpose of making illegal purchases. Although financial institutions and merchants have found ways to thwart these activities, evil-doers seem to always find another way to wreak havoc. Enter shimming, the new and even more disturbing […]

4 Reasons Why Your Merchant Provider May Break Up with You

Your business relies on merchant processing services to conduct credit and debit card transactions. Losing your account could mean the end of your business, especially if you make most of your sales online. How can you ensure your account stays active and viable? Avoid these four common issues, all of which can lead merchant providers […]

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