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Growth Of Multi-Channel And Omni Channel Payments

A shift in shopping is occurring, and small business retailers need to adopt a strategy to keep up with the shift. The shift is being driven by the rise of the smartphones, like the iPhone, the speed of telephone networks, the growth of online shopping, and growth of new payment types like Apple Pay and […]

Options for Accepting Credit Card Payments and How to Pick the Best One

These days, it’s a given that you should accept non-cash payments from your customers. If you don’t, you will almost certainly miss out on sales from the ever-growing numbers of potential customers who only carry plastic or who wish to pay online. Today, you have many options. Credit Card Terminals If you are of a […]

Why Mobile Shopping Is Important to Your Business

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. If yours primarily caters to walk-in customers, you may think that the mobile phone shopping revolution isn’t important. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The Mobile Revolution First, let’s look at how customers are using their tablets and cell phones when it comes to purchasing goods and […]

Five Things to Consider Before Growing Your Small Business

Many small business owners take it for granted that their company absolutely must grow. After all, isn’t that what success is predicated upon? In fact, there are several compelling reasons why you might not want to expand your enterprise at this time. The Time May Not Be Right Needless to say, the decision to grow […]

How to Increase Business with Loyalty and Marketing Programs

  Has your business hit a plateau? Are you wracking your brains to figure out innovative ways to attract and keep customers? Using today’s modern marketing strategies, you can infuse your retail or service business with new life.  (To view full Infographic – Click Here ) Answer These Questions Before Starting Your Marketing Program Before you […]

Must Haves for Every Handyman or Home Repair Service Provider

Are you thinking of starting your own handyman business? Being a home service provider offers freedom and flexibility and can be financially lucrative as well. Be sure you have what it takes. The Chops Be sure that you have the training, the experience and the credentials attached to your field of expertise. It should go […]

Continuing Consumer Behavior: Browse Online, Then Buy In-Store

Perhaps you have heard of “showrooming,” the tendency of consumers to look at items in a physical store and then buy them online. These days, people are flipping this behavior on its face, opting to peruse products with clicks of the mouse but ultimately making their purchases in brick-and-mortar shops. This surprising turnabout is worth […]

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Back to School Promotions

From kindergarten to college, class will soon be in session for another year, if it isn’t already. Students aren’t the only ones who should prepare. As a business owner, put yourself in an advantageous position by capitalizing on products and services that cater to everyone going back to school. Put Social Media to Work for […]

Using NFC Technology for More Than Just Payments

Near-field communications (NFC) technology is quickly becoming as commonplace as the credit card. These days, customers are utilizing NFC payment processing to scan product information and prices as well as at checkout to pay for products – but these are only a few uses of this amazing innovation. Adopting NFC can help you take your […]

What to Know About the Correlation Between Your Personal and Business Credit

Having and using credit are virtually inescapable parts of life today. You don’t just utilize it to make purchases with a credit card machine as a consumer; credit is also an integral part of funding and running your business. Therefore, it is necessary that you understand the often complex relationship between your personal and business […]

Tips for Spotting Credit Card Skimmers

You have probably heard of credit card skimmers, the diabolical little devices that criminals attach to ATMs and other credit card scanners for the purpose of stealing card information and PINs. It’s almost enough to make you wary of the entire credit process. Instead of giving up the option to accept plastic at your business, […]

Managing Your Business During Off-Season Slumps

Any business that depends on seasonal customers must find ways to deal successfully with the dreaded off-season. Whether you sell boogie boards on the Jersey Shore, Christmas trees in Vermont or have any other enterprise that is more profitable at certain times of the year than others, it behooves you to make the most of […]

The Differences Between a Payment Gateway and a Virtual POS

The terminology attached to credit and debit card payments can be hard to decipher, particularly if you are new to the world of accepting plastic. Nevertheless, it is important to understand how specific products and services differ from each other before you sign your name on the bottom line of a contract. A case in […]

What you need to know about the EMV migration

The EMV transition mandate is just days away. As of October 1, 2015, merchants who aren’t using EMV-ready terminals will be held liable for any fraudulent credit/debit card transactions at their business. So it’s critical for business owners like you to update your equipment as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the […]

Loyalty Programs – A Year-Round Reason to Celebrate

  With graduations, Father’s Day and Fourth of July quickly approaching, this means it could be a very busy time for your small business. But it’s equally important to leverage these high-traffic periods for the long-term and convert a transaction into a relationship. One great way to do this is with Groovv Offers. Groovv Offers […]

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