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Keeping Your Restaurant or Retail Business Safe from Hackers

When hackers plunder a business’s internal payment processing systems, the consequences can be catastrophic. The casualties often include the private credit card data of numerous customers, sensitive employee information, and the hacked company’s reputation and bottom line. While no measures can provide foolproof protection against data breaches, fraud and other criminal behavior, there are definitive […]

Retail Management System: The New Term for POS

It’s no secret that technology is evolving at an astounding rate. Along with it are the words we use to describe our devices. A case in point is the old-school term “point-of-sale (POS)” which is quickly being replaced by the new moniker “retail management system (RMS).” Not Change for Change’s Sake You might be thinking […]

The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Process

Attracting customers to your business involves impressing them from the moment they walk in the door. When they are greeted by friendly staff and are shown high-quality products that are destined to meet their needs, they are very likely to purchase goods in your store. But if you think your charm offensive stops there, you […]

Tips for Detecting Fraud When Accepting Online Payments

Congratulations on deciding to enter the exciting and potentially lucrative world of e-commerce. Like any undertaking, it can be fun and interesting while simultaneously presenting the potential for risk. Learn how to spot the signs of online fraud before it happens, and you can maximize your chances of success. Monitor Billing and Shipping Addresses When […]

What Are You Legally Required to Do to Run a Mobile Business?

If you are planning to start your own mobile business, you may have already gathered the equipment that you need. This could include a truck, signage, food preparation equipment and a portable card reader for taking payments. Before you can start, however, it is important that you make certain to comply with the legal requirements […]

Are Merchant Account Fees Tax Deductible?

One of your most important priorities as an entrepreneur is making sure to take every deduction to which you are entitled. While many are quite apparent, there may be one deduction you have never considered. It has to do with your credit and debit card processing merchant account. It Pays to Think About Swipe Fees […]

What’s Keeping You From Accepting Credit Card Payments?

Store and restaurant customers pay with credit cards more frequently each year. Nonetheless, at least two out of every five small businesses don’t accept them. Owners have various pretexts for avoiding this payment option, but many of these reasons are unfounded and don’t hold true. Complexity The decision to accept credit cards could complicate the […]

How Email Remarketing Can Potentially Win Back Shoppers

Imagine how chaotic it would be if the aisles of your local supermarket were clogged with hundreds of carts loaded with items that had been abandoned by their owners. Each forsaken carriage represents significant lost sales for the store as well as frustration for other shoppers. The same type of situation can occur in your […]

Top POS Trends Happening in the Restaurant Industry

If your restaurant has been limping along with the same ordering and billing process for years, you may not even know just how inefficient and prone to error it is. Computers and automation have their downsides, but they can definitely help you leave your doddering old-school system in the dust. It all starts with getting […]

5 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Payment Technology

Most likely, you have encountered mobile payment technology either as a consumer or as the owner of a small business. As its popularity grows, you may be asking yourself if it would be a good fit for your own store or restaurant. There are several reasons why now might be the time to talk to […]

Data Breach vs Fraud: Is There a Difference?

The headlines over the past few years have been crowded with stories about the lack of security when it comes to credit card data. Terms such as data breach and fraud are frequently used, often interchangeably, but are they the same? If not, what is their relationship to each other, and how can each be […]

Educating Your Customers on Mobile Wallets

These days, you need only go to a pharmacy, gas station or retail establishment to see signs that encourage customers to use Samsung Pay, Android Pay or Apple Pay when making their purchases. While there are several of these products on the market, they all fall into the category of mobile wallets. As a business […]

Is Your Small Business in Need of a Virtual POS?

Back in the dark ages of the internet, customers viewed available items on a website, contacted the seller by phone with payment information and waited for their purchases to come to their door. Today, small businesses can make online shopping easy for their customers by incorporating a virtual point-of-sale system. Virtual POS Explained You may […]

20 Advantages of Mobile Point of Sale Technology to Small Businesses

Advantages of mPOS Some fads are gone almost as soon as they arrive, while others become institutions in their own right. When it comes to mobile point-of-sale technology, the latter is definitely the case. Here are just a few of the most persuasive reasons why you should make mobile payments an integral part of your […]

How Merchants Can Benefit From Targeting Smartphone Users

You could have the best products, the most amazing store and a staff second-to-none, but if you don’t possess a solid mobile marketing strategy, you will lose out. Those who ignore smartphone users do so at their own peril. Be one of the proactive entrepreneurs who benefits from this ever-growing population. Smartphones Are Everywhere Recent […]

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