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The Technologies Needed to Start Your Own Business

Technology of all types is inextricably woven into the fabric of modern life. From social media to email and e-commerce, being “plugged in” is a trend that’s here to stay. If you are a business owner, you should incorporate technological innovations to attract new customers and keep existing ones, as well as help run your […]

How to Handle Billing Disputes With Your Customers

When you own a business, billing disputes are an unpleasant fact of life. Regardless of how high-quality your products and services are and how excellent your customer service may be, disagreements are sure to happen. Your only recourse is to find ways to defuse the situation and turn it into a positive. Listen Objectively When […]

Do Small Restaurants Think Differently than Chains When It Comes to Technology?

Technology is making its way into virtually every nook and cranny of our society, including restaurants. Many big chains are embracing modern services, from at-table ordering and payments using tablets to providing online reservations and order-ahead apps. But should smaller, family-owned restaurants rush in to offer these services? Barriers for Independent Restaurants No doubt, the […]

Handling Cash Flow Problems for Your Mobile Food Truck Business

It is estimated that close to 60 percent of all food truck businesses fail. Clearly, successfully running a mobile food business involves a great deal more than just being a good cook. Learn how cash flow difficulties can cripple your company and keep you from the prosperity you deserve. Difficulty Getting Off the Ground It […]

Is Your Business More Susceptible to Fraud During the Holidays?

As the holiday season comes to a close and you begin reviewing your success, it may also be a good time to assess your vulnerability to fraud so you can prepare for the next big sales season. The hustle and bustle that overtakes your business during the holidays may be what keeps you afloat during […]

Managing Consumer Expectations During the Christmas Rush

If yours is like many businesses, the Christmas holiday season represents a large portion of your annual sales. In order to optimize your success during this busy time, you need to adopt proactive strategies that will induce your customers to spend more and refer their friends. Some of these solutions may surprise you. Customer Service […]

3 Tips to Helping Your Handyman Business Stand Out From the Crowd

These days, doesn’t it seem like contractors are a dime a dozen? If you’re afraid that the repair business you have poured your soul into might get lost in the shuffle, don’t despair. There are several things you can do to outshine your rivals and get the attention you deserve. Spruce Up Your Website With […]

Help Manage Your Holiday Sales with a Reliable POS System

For many businesses, sales during the months of November and December far eclipse those during any other time of year. Advertising your products and training your staff are two of your best strategies when preparing for this busy season. One more thing you can do is use your mobile or stationary POS system to its […]

Keeping up with Millennial Shopping Trends

  For years, you have probably heard talk about Baby Boomers and Generation X, but now a new cohort is rising up and taking precedence. Ranging in age from 18 to 35, they are called Millennials, and their present and future influence cannot be ignored. The Hard Facts about Millennials Millennials number 77 million – […]

What Automotive Service and Repair Shops Can Do to Improve the Customer Experience

For many people, going to a repair shop to have their automobile serviced ranks right up there with getting a root canal in terms of negative perceptions. They cite frustration with the way the businesses are run, lengthy complications when the time comes to pay and an overall lack of personalized attention that permeates the […]

6 Tips to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger Than It Really Is

If you own a small company, you have several advantages over your larger counterparts: You are agile and ready to adapt at a moment’s notice, and you are not shackled by the whims of a big corporation or chain. Even so, customer perception can make or break you, and sometimes you just want to appear […]

Growth Of Multi-Channel And Omni Channel Payments

A shift in shopping is occurring, and small business retailers need to adopt a strategy to keep up with the shift. The shift is being driven by the rise of the smartphones, like the iPhone, the speed of telephone networks, the growth of online shopping, and growth of new payment types like Apple Pay and […]

Options for Accepting Credit Card Payments and How to Pick the Best One

These days, it’s a given that you should accept non-cash payments from your customers. If you don’t, you will almost certainly miss out on sales from the ever-growing numbers of potential customers who only carry plastic or who wish to pay online. Today, you have many options. Credit Card Terminals If you are of a […]

Why Mobile Shopping Is Important to Your Business

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. If yours primarily caters to walk-in customers, you may think that the mobile phone shopping revolution isn’t important. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The Mobile Revolution First, let’s look at how customers are using their tablets and cell phones when it comes to purchasing goods and […]

Five Things to Consider Before Growing Your Small Business

Many small business owners take it for granted that their company absolutely must grow. After all, isn’t that what success is predicated upon? In fact, there are several compelling reasons why you might not want to expand your enterprise at this time. The Time May Not Be Right Needless to say, the decision to grow […]

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