Top 7 Things You Can Get For Free For Your Small Business

Small business owners have no choice but to endlessly shell out money. Rent, employee wages, inventory and equipment are just the tip of the iceberg. The good news is that, contrary to popular opinion, you definitely can get something for nothing.

      1. Advertise with Free Business Cards
        In spite of online marketing and mobile phones, you still need business cards with your contact information. You can get them for free from a wide array of companies that are, in turn, using them as a strategy to promote their own businesses. VistaPrint and Moo are the best-known of these. Note, however, that you will probably have to pay for shipping and may experience some upselling at checkout.
      2. Credit Card Processing Equipment
        The world of merchant account providers is highly competitive. Therefore, many companies entice business owners with the prospect of free credit card payment machines as long as they agree to sign on the dotted line. Reputable providers will also give you affordable packages that will enable you to maintain and upgrade your hardware and software as needed.
      3. Business Consulting
        You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring someone to be your mentor for marketing campaigns and business management. A Small Business Administration-supported organization called SCORE, which has 364 chapters across the U.S., can match you with an experienced businessperson who can show you the ropes – at no charge.
      4. Web Analytics
        If you have a website for your business, you need to know who is visiting it, how they found out about you and how they spend their time once they reach your page. Google Analytics has a free version that clearly lays out all of this data in charts and graphs that actually make sense.
      5. Conference Calling
        You never need to pay for a multi-party conversation again. There are a number of companies that offer this service at no charge. They include and for mobile and land-line phones, for online meetings and Fring for tablet and mobile phone-based chats.
      6. Office Furniture
        Don’t despair if you can’t scrape up the bucks to pay for desks and chairs. You just might find everything you need at no cost on, a site that lists items that individuals and companies are looking to literally give away. Craig’s List and Listia are also options to consider in this regard.
      7. Social Media
        Yes, you will need to pay for internet access, but launching your marketing campaign via social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook doesn’t cost you a cent. You also will not have to fork over any cash for a Gmail account from Google that can get you started on your client contact strategy.

An old saying claims there is no such thing as a free lunch. That may be the case, but when you’re an entrepreneur you can still get some no-cost appetizers. Take advantage of them and use your dollars where they will really make a difference.