Groovv Integrated Payments

EMV-compliant, integrated payment processing for software developers.

Innovative Payments Technology for Software Developers

Groovv Integrated Payments delivers a suite of services that makes it easy for developers to integrate EMV-compliant payments into their software without spending time and money on extensive development. With secure solutions, easy implementation, free EMV and NFC enabled terminals, and generous revenue share, Groovv is the provider of choice for software developers.

emv compliance

Be EMV Compliant

Accept EMV compliant payments at the point of sale easily and affordably.

secure credit card payments

Fully Secure

Complementary security features deliver the industry’s most secure payment platform.

integrations for developers

Developer Solutions

Easy implementation with our SDK and and attractive revenue splits on every transaction.

customer satisfaction

Satisfied Customers

Free terminals and installation wizard make it easy to integrate payments with your software.

EMV-Compliant Semi-Integrated Architecture

Most integrated payment solutions transfer cardholder data from the point of sale (POS) card terminal to the software or app, placing the burden of meeting EMV and PCI requirements on developers. Groovv Integrated Payments changes that by encrypting card data at the terminal, keeping EMV and PCI compliance “out of scope” for POS software and apps.

  • Sensitive card holder data is and routed directly to the payment host
  • EMV & PCI kept out of scope for the developer
  • Transactions work seamlessly within the work flow of the software

Learn More about Semi-Integrated Payments

semi integrated pos system
NFC payements

Complete Payment Solutions

Accept all payment types anywhere your customers want to pay. Groovv Integrated Payments enables all payment types as well as card present and card not present transactions:

  • Chip and mag-stripe cards, ACH, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other Near Field Communication (NFC) payment methods.
  • Card present payments at the point of sale.
  • Card not present payments enabling payments by phone, mail or through a website, including recurring billing, ecommerce and mobile payments.
  • Offline processing: In the event of an outage, Groovv stores transactions and processes them when service is restored.

Benefits for Developers

√ Groovv SDK

The Groovv Software Development Kit (SDK) library enables developers to easily incorporate payment card transactions into applications and websites. Groovv SDK is compatible with various languages (C#, Java, Android and iOS), browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari), operating systems, and cloud and software as a service.

√ Easy Integration & Support

The Groovv integration process can be completed quickly, providing a fully EMV-compliant payment solution. Plus, you will receive support from our experienced support team every step of the way.

√ Grow Your Revenue

Developers using Groovv Integrated Payments earn a revenue share on every transaction made by their software customers.

√ Turnkey Marketing Solutions

We offer customized marketing solutions to help build awareness of your EMV/NFC payment solution and drive growth.

Benefits for End-Users

√ FREE Terminal

Your merchants receive a free terminal that is EMV compliant and NFC enabled, allowing them to accept chip and magstripe cards, as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and other NFC digital wallet payments from smartphones and watches.

√ Easy Setup with Groovv Payment Plugin

Groovv Payment Plugin includes a set-up wizard that enables installation in minutes by first checking merchants’ operating systems, software libraries and network connections, and then linking appropriate computers and payment devices. The installation process is supported by our award-winning, 24/7 customer service team.

Watch our video for more.

√ Great Rates, No-Term Contract

Your customers have no risk with guaranteed low processing rates, no long-term contract and no termination fees.

√ Complete Payment Solution

Semi-integrated with your software, our solution enables merchant customers to securely accept on-location, phone and web payments, as well as set up recurring billing.

Full Data Security for You and Your Customers

With Groovv Integrated Payments, you’ll provide customers complete data security.

  • EMV Compliance: EMV smart cards are embedded with a chip that interacts with our payment device, and cardholder data in encrypted at the device.
  • Tokenization: Cardholder data is replaced by digital tokens, eliminating the storage of sensitive cardholder data in the software application.
  • PA-DSS 3.0 Out of Scope: Payment applications are rendered out-of-scope, eliminating cumbersome PCI validation requirements.

  • PCI Compliance: Simplified PCI compliance with online access to security questionnaires, network scans and custom security profiles.
  • Transport Layer Security: As applications communicate with each other, layered security keeps data private.
  • Fraud Control Stack: Our fraud module includes multiple layers to eliminate fraudulent transactions and deliver credit card security.

Hear It from Our Partners

“Since it places PCI and EMV compliance out of scope, Groovv SDK saved us time and money that would have been required to integrate payments with our software. Now our optometrists have a fully compliant, affordable payment solution that seamlessly integrates with their payment workflow, eliminating double data entry and saving them time.” Adam Thomas, Manager of Certified Partners
– Eyefinity


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