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Payment Processing Solutions for Healthcare

Whether you run a vision, dental, chiropractic or other medical practice, you work hard to help your patients attain better health. With Total Merchant Services, you’ll have a partner who will help you keep your practice healthy and strong.

“Groovv SDK is easy to implement, and now our optometrists have a fully compliant, affordable payment solution that seamlessly integrates with their payment workflow, eliminating double data entry and saving them time.”

– Adam Thomas,
Manager of Certified Partners, Eyefinity

Total Merchant Services has partnerships with a number of practice management and point of sale software providers. This allows us to provide semi-integrated payment solutions to doctor’s offices, meaning patient payments can be securely integrated with their office account records, while protecting your practice from fraud. Learn more about semi-integrated payments.

If you don’t have practice management software installed or your provider doesn’t have a partnership with us, you can still take advantage of our payment solutions.


Get Paid

Low Payment Processing Rates

If you’re reluctant to accept credit and debit cards because of the cost, we can help. Total Merchant Services offers the lowest processing costs in the industry. Learn more.

Free Terminals and Readers

One way Total Merchant Services keeps your costs down is by providing free equipment to accept and process customer payments. Learn more.

Point of Sale Systems

Our systems are sleek and compact and can fit into any work environment. They don’t just process payments; they also help you manage many aspects of your day-to-day operations. Learn more.

Online Payments

With Groovv Online Payments, you can email invoices, accept payments and set up recurring billing for your patients through any computer connected to the internet. Learn more.

Grow Your Sales

Groovv Offers

Take advantage of digital marketing trends to get an edge. Groovv Offers can help you gain new patients and keep existing ones through contact over social media and email messaging. Learn more.

Loyalty Programs

Thank your loyal patients with discounted products or services. Our customer loyalty programs are easy to set up and manage. Learn more.


Manage Your Business

Groovv POS Helps You Run Your Busines

With Groovv POS, you can organize custom offerings and easily track payment transactions to maximize efficiency. Groovv POS’ financial and marketing tools will help you keep your books in order and your customer database current, helping you manage and grow your business. Learn more.


Put down the spreadsheets and let our software help you analyze your results. Our Groovv Transactions portal and back office reporting can furnish you with sophisticated information about your business.

Cash Advance

Sometimes you may need financial assistance in order to take advantage of growth opportunities. Let Total Merchant Services get you the funds you need without the frustration of finding a lender. Learn more.

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