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Conduct Repair Business with Mobile Payment Systems

Even if your business takes you on the road, your customers want the convenience of having multiple ways to pay. Total Merchant Services offers secure mobile payment solutions, along with additional tools that will keep your business rolling.


Get Paid

Low Payment Processing Rates

Each time a customer makes a credit payment, you are required to pay a processing fee. But with Total Merchant Services, that cost is among the most affordable in the industry. Learn more.

Free Mobile Terminals and Readers

With our free wireless terminal and mobile credit card reader, you can accept payments on the road without any upfront equipment costs. Learn more.

Point of Sale Systems

Our mobile Groovv POS Flex will enable you to accept all payment types while you’re on the move. You’ll also gain the added benefits of inventory management and financial reporting software to help you run your business. Learn more.

Online Payments

You can email invoices, accept payments and set up recurring billing for your customers through any computer connected to the internet. Learn more.

Grow Your Sales

Groovv Offers

Groovv Offers is a single web-based platform that is both powerful and simple to use. With it, you can collect important contact data, attract new customers and offer incentives to your existing base. Learn more.


Manage Your Business

Sell Smarter with Groovv POS

You may think a point of sale system is just for traditional stores, but you can receive all the benefits of inventory tracking, tipping and business management software through our fully mobile Groovv POS Flex bundle. Learn more.


You can analyze your business transactions online from any device connected to the internet through our Groovv Transactions portal. Our Groovv POS back office provides even more sophisticated reporting options. Even on the road, you’ll receive the business intelligence you need to keep your business moving forward.

Cash Advance

If you need a financial injection to upgrade your equipment, enhance your inventory or make it to the next sales cycle, Total Merchant Services can help. Learn more.

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