Free POS Systems & Software

PayAnywhere Storefront and Groovv POS
provide all you need to run your business.

Upgrade Your Business with a Free Point of Sale System

At Total Merchant Services, our free POS systems include everything you need to manage, grow, and optimize your business – all via compact systems that are easy to set up and free to use. Available in multiple models, our POS system bundles include touchscreen tablets, EMV/NFC-enabled payment devices, cash drawer and receipt printer connectivity, and robust software featuring powerful inventory management, reporting, and marketing tools.

pos getting started

Get Started Quickly

Our POS systems are powerful yet easy-to-use, helping you run your business like never before.

manage transactions

Handle Your Business

View transactions, manage inventory, and check profitability via back-office reporting.

customer acquisition

Grow Your Sales

Access features like integrated marketing and tip adjust to ensure you’re optimizing revenue.

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Choose Your Model

Choose the POS system that meets your needs, with countertop or mobile models.

PayAnywhere Storefront

PayAnywhere Storefront is the powerful payments platform you need to take your business to the next level. Transform your transactions with the modern, simple, and secure way to accept credit cards.





PayAnywhere Storefront comes with:

  • A FREE 10″ tablet and stand.
  • Built-in chip card reader so you can accept magstripe and EMV chip cards
  • Next-day funding
  • Detailed in-app and online reporting that tells you what, where, and when your customers are purchasing.
  • Cash drawer and printer connectivity.
  • The ability to assign employee roles and permission levels.
  • Easy inventory management with stock tracking and the ability to add multiple prices or modifiers.
  • Live customer and technical support by phone, email, and chat.

Groovv POS Flex: Your Versatile Solution

Keep your business moving forward with Groovv POS Flex. The solution offers complete mobility and unparalleled flexibility, with a detachable 9.6” Samsung touchscreen and EMV/NFC payment device, mobile and stationary set-up options, wireless connections to optional peripherals, and a foldable stand you can carry anywhere your customers are.

Groovv POS Flex is ideal for businesses with limited or changing counter space, restaurants with at-the-table orders and payments, businesses that travel to customers or merchants who prefer a custom setup.

Available for free placement, Groovv POS Flex system bundles include a tablet, EMV/NFC payment device, cash drawer-receipt printer combo, stand and robust software.

Size: 8” diameter swivel stand with 2” high base, total height with tablet up to 11”


Peripherals Complete Your Solution

Most frequently placed for free with an mPOP cash drawer-receipt printer combo, Groovv POS Flex provides wireless connections to peripherals, so you can fully customize your setup. Add-on options include a barcode scanner and kitchen printer.






Groovv POS All-In-One: Your Comprehensive Countertop Solution






With a 13” built-in flip touchscreen, cash drawer, scanner, receipt printer and powerful software, Groovv POS All-In-One has everything you need to manage payments, grow sales and optimize your operations right out of the box. Wireless connections to an EMV/NFC payment device and optional peripherals make it a great choice for most all business types.

If you manage a small or quick serve restaurant, retail shop, salon or other location-based business, you’ll appreciate the no-fuss setup as you engage customers and add elegance to your counter.

Groovv POS All-In-One is free for merchants meeting minimum inventory and processing levels.

Approximate Size: Length 16” X Width 13.75” X Height 10”

Complement Your Solution with Peripherals

Restaurants can fire orders to a sturdy kitchen printer from the POS sysem. Some retailers may prefer to add a hand-held barcode scanner to assist with checkout.

Powerful Features to Help Meet Your Business Goals

Our POS solutions will help you securely accept all payments, grow your sales and manage your business.

easy-to-use Easy-to-Use
A touchscreen tablet and intuitive software enable you to utilize the system quickly with little training.

EMV/NFC- Enabled
Accept all payment types including chip cards, magstripe cards and NFC payments like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

Easy Inventory Management
Organize items for sale with custom categories and modifiers, track sales and get alerts when items run low.

Business Intelligence Reporting
Manage single and multiple locations, track employee time and discover sales and profitability trends by product.

Tipping, Split Billing & Tax Settings
Manage tax settings, as well as split tickets and tipping – crucial for restaurants and service businesses.

Tailored Setup & Support
Get free inventory loading and ongoing support to ensure you get the most from your system.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Is Integrated with Your POS System

Groovv POS comes with PassMarket integrated into its software, enabling you to build your customer base at checkout, set up loyalty programs to retain customers, and increase customer spending. Consumers receive your offers on their smartphones.

PassMarket Features:

  • Rewards Center: Have customers join your loyalty program right at checkout.
  • Store Locator: Bring more customers to your door by letting them know your business.
  • Campaign Manager: Geo-fenced beacons push offers to nearby customers.

For more information on our POS systems and/or to see if you qualify for free placement, call 888-848-6825 x9498 or complete our Contact Us form