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Evaluating the financial health of your small business.

When you run a small business, it’s easy to get the feeling that you are a first responder who is constantly on the front lines. There may even be times when it may seem as though one fire is barely under control before another conflagration starts. In the midst of all of this craziness, however, it is vital that you also assume the role of your company’s primary care physician who regularly assesses the financial well-being of your operation.

Seven ideas to help make your restaurant more profitable.

With costs constantly rising and restaurants popping up seemingly on every corner, owning an eatery is an uphill climb even at the best of times. In addition to providing stellar customer service and offering foods and beverages that can’t be beaten, one of your biggest challenges will continue to be how to consistently make a profit. Fortunately, there are a number of concrete actions that you can take to raise your financial prospects and distinguish you from the competition.

Key ways to market your restaurant.

What is it that makes one restaurant flourish while another is one of the estimated 60% of all eateries that fail? Sure, factors such as location and food quality are vitally important, but they do not make up the entire picture. Without truly effective marketing strategies, even the most promising food destinations are almost sure to fade away.

Ways you can start a business while working full-time.

So, you’re preparing to launch the business that you have poured your heart and soul into and you want to dive in head-first. However, there are too many unknowns and you just can’t take a leap of faith that might land you — and your fledgling company — in the poorhouse. Fortunately, there are ways that you can have your cake and eat it, too.

How to avoid credit card fraud at your restaurant.

When you think about credit card crime, big companies like Target and Equifax probably come to mind. As a small restaurateur, the potential that your business could be the next victim may be less than a blip on your radar. Sadly, eateries are extremely vulnerable to fraud and data breaches, and it is in your best interest to learn how to minimize the chances that you will be harmed.

Know your payment processing and equipment options.

Knowing that you want to accept credit, debit card, and even contactless payments is just the first step towards offering your customers as many convenient payment options as possible. Your bigger challenge is coming to an understanding of how payments work, the types of hardware available, and the best way to obtain it.

3 things small business owners should outsource.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you make a valiant effort to juggle numerous responsibilities. No matter how great you are at multitasking, there are some tasks that are best delegated to others. By taking this step, you can actually spend more of your financial resources on growing your business while simultaneously freeing up valuable time.

Comparing millennials who use and don't use mobile pay options.

Often known as “millennials”, the generation born between roughly 1980 and 1998 are now coming into their own. Millennials are completing their education, finding careers, and making money. As they take their place in the front ranks of U.S. consumers, it is important to recognize the effects that mobile payments are having (and not having) on this important demographic.

The dangers in being a cash-only restaurant.

Competition in the restaurant business can be cutthroat. At a time when every penny of profit counts, you might be tempted to become a cash-only operation to avoid credit card fees. Before you take this drastic step, you need to know the possible consequences.

What to Do If Your Bank Fails

Entrepreneurs are virtually hard-wired to worry about the solvency of their own businesses, but how often does it enter your mind that your bank might go under because it cannot meet its obligations? When that happens, it can rock the very foundations of your little company.