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The dangers in being a cash-only restaurant.

Competition in the restaurant business can be cutthroat. At a time when every penny of profit counts, you might be tempted to become a cash-only operation to avoid credit card fees. Before you take this drastic step, you need to know the possible consequences.

What to Do If Your Bank Fails

Entrepreneurs are virtually hard-wired to worry about the solvency of their own businesses, but how often does it enter your mind that your bank might go under because it cannot meet its obligations? When that happens, it can rock the very foundations of your little company.

How Smartphones Are Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Try to imagine what life would be like without your smartphone. Unless you are in the ever-shrinking minority of Americans who choose not to use one, you have come to rely on your iPhone or Android for talking, texting, traveling, banking, gaming, and buying products.

What is PCI and how it affects your business

For the most part, consumers understand and accept the risks that come when they provide businesses with their data. The majority recognize that this sharing of personal information enables companies to tailor the customer experience. As long as it makes life a little easier and more fun with targeted song choices, weather forecasts, and product recommendations, they will go along for the ride.

Could Cryptocurrency Be Beneficial to Your Business?

Being as flexible and diverse as possible when it comes to payment processing​ is one sure way to attract and keep customers. After all, purchases are the lifeblood of your retail establishment. It might even be time to add accepting Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency payments into your business’s portfolio.

How to Tell If a Customer's Card is Potentially Being Used Fraudulently

Identity theft and other types of credit card fraud are not just disturbing and disruptive to consumers, but they can also take a heavy financial toll on merchants and even jeopardize their solvency. If you own a business that accepts sales via a POS credit card reader, watch out for these signs of potential criminal behavior.

Safely Take Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

There may be times when a customer wants to purchase an item or service from you by giving their credit card information over the phone. Allowing for this type of card-not-present transaction provides the buyer with their preferred way to pay, which can definitely be a plus for your business.

How Location Impacts Sales and Payment Methods

As technology evolves along with consumers’ shopping patterns, we are seeing concurrent changes in the ways people prefer to pay for the goods and services they buy. In order to remain profitable, it is in the best interest of entrepreneurs to remain knowledgeable about current trends.

6 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Your POS System

Your point-of-sale (POS) solution that enables you to transact customer credit, debit, and gift card payments is also a marketing tour-de-force. In an era when customer loyalty and engagement are the names of the game, you can’t afford to let its capabilities go to waste.

Tips for Growing Your Business in 2019

Now that you have closed the books on 2018, it’s the perfect time for setting some realistic goals for the year ahead. Strengthening and enhancing your business is probably at the top of the list. Give your company an infusion of energy by taking action right now.

Why It's Not a Good Idea to Max Out Your Business Line of Credit

Your business line of credit is a vital safety net. It provides you with the security you need to navigate the ups and downs of running a restaurant or retail establishment. However, although it offers you a pool of funds you can utilize for any number of reasons, don’t spend up to your limit without understanding the consequences.

Do Your Customers Still Sign for Transactions?

Whether you have been a business owner for a year or for decades, you can probably come up with several routines you practice without thinking about it. One of these habits just might be the way you accept customer payments.