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Do Your Customers Still Sign for Transactions?

Whether you have been a business owner for a year or for decades, you can probably come up with several routines you practice without thinking about it. One of these habits just might be the way you accept customer payments.

Payment Trends That Could Reshape Your Business in 2019

Not so long ago, business owners were grappling with the decision of whether to accept debit and credit cards in their physical stores. Although just a few years have gone by, that concern seems virtually archaic now. That’s because technology is racing forward at such a mind-bending pace that entrepreneurs have no choice but to adapt and evolve if they want to succeed.

A Better Way to Process Digital Payments Could Be on The Way

With each passing year, more and more consumers are buying some, if not all, of their goods and services online. In order to pay the merchants from whom they make their purchases, most customers are inputting their names, addresses, and credit card data numerous times over a broad range of ecommerce sites.

Implementing Your 2019 Business Plan Now

When you began dreaming about starting your company, one of the first tasks you completed was probably to write a business plan. Although it may have felt as if you could check that job off your list, the fact is that a good written description of your business and its goals is a dynamic document.

Ways to Make Your Customers Feel More Comfortable Paying Online

More and more people are using the internet these days to shop for products and services. However, many remain squeamish about the security of online payment processing​. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease their concerns and increase the likelihood that you will get online business.

Credit Card Declined Codes Explained

If your business takes credit cards, you are processing payments​ numerous times a day. It goes without saying that, sooner rather than later, a customer’s card will be declined. Because this can happen for a number of reasons, it makes sense to understand these codes in order to know how to proceed.

E-Wallets Will Be the Biggest Trend of 2019

Not so long ago, people purchased goods and services in one of two ways: via cash or check. Some used the services of banks to keep their money safe while others simply chose to squirrel it away in various places throughout their homes. When the time came to buy goods or services, people usually had to have all of the money required for small and medium-sized purchases on hand, with credit being reserved mostly for big-ticket items like homes.

Should You Ask for Identification for a Credit Card Sale?

Consumers and merchants already know the dangers of today’s data breach culture. Businesses both large and small have fallen prey to criminals who use various modes of identity theft to hack into systems and steal valuable customer information for their own evil purposes.